YoungPre925 also known as TooMuch is from Pittsburg California. Up-and-coming Bay Area artist with a style not to be played with.

YoungPre925's latest single, "Runnin It Up, showcases his exceptional talent as a rapper and his ability to create infectious and dynamic hip-hop tracks. With its catchy hooks, energetic beats, and distinctive flow, this song has all the elements necessary to make a significant impact in the music

New Slap: "She Aint Cool"

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YoungPre925 "Non-Fiction"

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Album "True Lies" Dropping July 2024

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Antioch, California, United States

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YoungPre925 is a rap artist from Pittsburg, California currently located in Casper, Wyoming, United States. He specializes in providing high-quality entertainment and music. He also has an online clothing brand that specializes in customizing clothing apparel and accessories.